Part 2: Texas Panhandle

Farmers here produce food for the entire country and they use a lot of water to do it. Groundwater mining "is not an accident here; it is a way of life ... it is also a way of death." - William Ashworth, "Ogallala Blue."

This Week (16-23.April.2017)

🌳💦🥑This Week in Environmental Justice ⚖⚒🌿 🌎🌱⚖The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights held a series of meetings on human rights violations against environmental defenders in Panama this week. In what has become a familiar affair in the developing world, international and government leaders reportedly stressed that the meetings address the topic(s) they approved, rather than …

This Week (03-09.April.2017)

🌳🚲 This Week in Environmental Justice ⚖🌱 ⚓🏝An ambitious new report by the International Focus Programme on Environmental Law and the European Law Students Association (ESLA Malta) presents a number of daring - and exciting - proposals for the future of environmental law in Malta. The report's recommendations include recognizing the legal personality of land - (see below …

This Week (27.March-02.April.2017) **New Concept Design**

This Week in Human Rights & the Environment🐝🍀⌛🌳 🌲🐄Talks between Paraguaguayan government representatives and indigenous Ayoreo leaders began this week, with the goal of negotiating land rights in the Paraguayan Chaco. The Ayoreo, who live the Chaco in western Paraguay, are the last uncontacted population outside of the Amazon. Their territory, which includes some of the …

Part 1: Oklahoma

Oklahoma's growing cities compete with small towns in the Southeast for ever-shrinking water sources. "In many ways, the history of Oklahoma is a story of water. Our geography is drawn by rivers and streams. And our cultural legacy is informed by drought." – Andrew Knittle, NewsOK.