New Mexico, USA

Local Civil Society Organizations working on Environmental Justice issues in New Mexico.

Amigos Bravos

Capture“Amigos Bravos is a statewide water conservation organization guided by social justice principles and dedicated to preserving and restoring the ecological and cultural integrity of New Mexico’s water and the communities that depend on it. While rooted in science and the law, our work is inspired by the values and traditional knowledge of New Mexico’s diverse Hispanic and Native American land-based populations, with whom we collaborate.

“Our vision is of rivers so clear and clean we can bend to our knees, cup our hands, and drink directly from those waters without fear. This is the vision that was handed to us by Pueblo Indian and native Hispanic Elders at our first strategic planning session not long after our inception as an organization. That vision, which was a reality in northern New Mexico only one lifetime ago, requires the wisdom, knowledge, and participation of all New Mexicans in the effort to address social and political pressures poisoning our waters.”