Recognizing the Patterns of Water and Conflict as an Opportunity to Adapt

A panel of retired U.S. military officials from the CNA military advisory group have joined international organizations inwarning about the connections between water stress and conflict. Water stress is defined as a shortage of fresh water and while it does not lead directly to conflict, a pattern has emerged demonstrating how water can act as…

The State of Misconception

Unraveling President Trump’s immigration “proposals” “outlined” during the 2018 “State of the Union” “speech.”

The Rising Tide of Victimhood

Hannah Arendt connected the political instigation of victimhood with the rise of totalitarianism during the 1940s. Today’s political landscape in the U.S. seems to warrant a revisiting.

The Scars of Development

The Wayuu people of Northern Colombia are fighting for the survival of their culture – yet, their story has gotten lost in talk of peace.

This Week in Environmental Justice

This Week in Environmental Justice 01-07/May.2017 色A coalition of NGOs, led by Inclusive Development International, released a report alleging the investment of millions of dollars by various banks and investment groups in regional companies linked to land grabbing, forced evictions, and other human rights abuses in Southeast Asia. + The International Finance Corporation responded, via…

This Week in Environmental Justice

湘 This Week in Environmental Justice 24-30/April.2017 An Earth Day essay by Kristin Myers on why the key to poverty reductionisfinding sustainable ways to mitigate and adapt to climate change.Elsewhere, Namati’s CEO Vivek Maru argues thatthe path to addressing climate change lies in empowering the individuals on the front lines. A report from…

This Week in Environmental Justice

喫佞This Week in Environmental Justice 16-23/April.2017 晦The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights held a series of meetings on human rights violations against environmental defenders in Panama this week. In what has become a familiar affair in the developing world, international and government leaders reportedly stressed that the meetings address the topic(s) they approved, rather…